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Instructions for Authors 




Before submitting an article, the author should check whether the general requirements of Journal of Mathematical Sciences,  as well as the style requirements of  "International Mathematical Schools" are met.


Consult  the Submission Guidelines at the site  of Journal of Mathematical Sciences. In particular, in Chapter English Language Editing, useful advices and references are given for authors who need help with English.

Important information:  A manuscript must be sent to the email indicated in the invitation letter. Don't use Online Submission at Springer's site since the hyperlink "Submit manuscript" is designated only for Series A (Direct Submissions).


Use Sample (style file, tex- and pdf-files) for typesetting. No author's macros, additional usepackeges, and nonstandard fonts

are allowed. Download the file sample.zip.


The list of references should contain only published works (i.e., no arXiv, Thesis, Preprints, etc). Design  the references 

and bibliography according to the instruction