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 JMS Source Journal International Mathematical Schools


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Publihsed in 2023:

J. Math. Sci., 269, No. 6 (February, 2023)

JMS Source Journal International Mathematical Schools. Vol. 2.

Advances in Pure and Applied Mathematics edited by Sergey Goncharov and Alexey Davydov




Publihsed in 2022:

J. Math. Sci., 267, No. 4 (November, 2022)

JMS Source Journal International Mathematical Schools. Vol. 1.

Advances in Pure and Applied Mathematics edited by Sergey Goncharov.




Founded in 1973, Journal of Mathematical Sciences is currently based on 11 source journals with  9 volumes (54 issues) published  annually. In 2022, Springer launches the 12th source journal entitled International Mathematical Schools  with 6 issues per year.


  • Each issue of International Mathematical Schools (IMS) is published as a separate issue of Journal of Mathematical Sciences  and possesses all its privelegies (in particular,  all articles are reviewed in SCOPUS).


  • The  articles submitted  for consideration  to  IMS  must be written in the  English language.   IMS continues  traditions of high standards of mathematical research publications. The authors recommended by guest editors will be invited to contribute to special issue(s) on selected topics. The IMS invitation principles are inherited from the book series   International Mathematical Series  published by Springer jointly with Tamara Rozhkovskaya Publisher in  2002-2012 (see details on  that series below).


  • Each submitted article  is subject to a single blind peer review process.


  • Each accepted article goes through an editing process with style and language control (see  Instructions for authors).


Important information: A manuscript must be sent to the email-address indicated in  the invitaion letter. The submission procedure described at Springer's site is designated only for Direct Submissions (Series A), but not for the JMS source journals (Series B).


 First issues of IMS.

IMS starts with issues edited by Sergey Goncharov:


  • The issues named  Advances in Pure and Applied Mathematics will be included on a permanent basis with two issues per year. This is a reneissance of  Siberian Jorunal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (Ediotr-in-Chief Sergey Goncharov) published in Russian by the Novosibirsk State University from 2001 up to 2018. The updated journal will present  research papers on various aspects of fundamental mathemtics and applications, but the geography of authors will be considerably extended. The first issue is published in November 7, 2022 (J. Math. Sci., 267, No. 4, November 2022).



A few words about the predecessor of IMS.  The same invitation principle was applied to collect thematic volumes  for International Mathematical Series Eminent mathematicians were invited to edit separate volumes:  Michael Birman (Russia), Stefan  Hildebrandt (Germany), Vsevolod  Solonnikov (Russia), Nina Uraltseva (Russia),  Simon  Donaldson (UK),  Yakov Eliashberg (USA), Misha  Gromov (France),  Claude Bardos (France), Andrei Fursikov (Russia), Dov Gabbay (UK), Sergey Goncharov (Russia), Michael Zakharyaschev (UK), Victor Isakov (USA), Vladimir Maz'ya (Sweden), and  Ari Laptev (Sweden). All the volumes  of  International Mathematical Series  are accessible at  Springer's site.